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Valentine’s Day Makeup … Are you Down with Love? ❤️

For some of us Valentine’s Day might mean getting all dolled-up up and going out with our significant other or with a group of our closest girlfriends. While some will choose the Red Dress and the Red lipstick to compliment their wardrobe choice,


others will choose other colors, which ever color you choose Red Lipstick is always in Style. One of my favorite Reds is Rubby Woo from MAC.


Not to be confused with Riri Woo (from the #Rihanna hearts line) 20140206-133814.jpg

For the other group of us that prefer to stay in, and cuddle up and watch our favorite Romantic Story, we can also use a pop of color.



Which ever you decide, know that Beauty starts from the inside out. “Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside out: Marilyn Monroe