Today is another day for Healthy Changes.

Did you wake up with determination and ready to Shine? Did you have a New Years Resolution? Do you continue to work on your Goals and Dreams? Did you know that 80% of people that set a New Years Resolution have already quit? I know a great community of people that are the 20% and the 3% of the population that doesn’t quit and keeps on motivating everyone including myself.

I woke up with this morning and reminded myself that my only competition is myself. Daily motivation is much needed and required to continue with any Goal that you set out to do. I Don’t worry about having a “hump” (that’s what I call them) on the road to success because this only makes me stronger and wiser. I get up, dust myself off and continue on my journey. I have learned from all the remarkable people that I have met in this great community.

What are your health Goals? How important are your Goals to you? Ask yourself these questions and whenever you are ready I am happy to motivate and join you in your Health Journey.

Have a fantastic day.


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