“My Weight Efforts” MissPrissy’s Transformation 

Today I’m writing to you from the 💚 and sharing my story of many struggles with my weight And I hope this helps someone, if I am able to touch or motivate even just one person it will have been all worth it.  

Over 10 years ago I was determined to be a stronger, healthier woman, I had been battling with my weight all of my life and even though I was active and was strongly motivated a lot of the things that I was doing was not getting me the results I wanted.


A gym trainer friend of mine must have seen my desperation and decided to train me at the gym 4-5 times a week from 3am to 5am for 3 years. The gym routine motivated me and gave me a chance to learn how to use the machines and I learned a lot from my trainer. What I did not learn is how to shed the weight that I really wanted to get rid of so badly. During this time I was building muscle and getting toned which was an enormous step in the right direction. This was he beginning of the search in trying to find something that would help me achieve the goals that I had set for myself. I have done what most of us have done, dieting, walking, calorie counting, portion control, etc.


It has been only 11 months and I have dropped 51+ lbs since I met my mentor, encouraging woman and outstanding friend Ivet and she has changed my life in ways that I will never be able to Thank her enough for. Without her guidance I know I would still be trying to find the “Magic” on how to loose my weight and attain my goals. This confident lady has taught me to achieve my goals and to be a more positive person, which has caused a domino effect in my life. I smile more, I am more active, I am truly happy for everyone I meet and come across. People that know me thank me for the motivation and the guidance and I am touched to see them achieve their goals and be happier with themselves. The lives I have been delighted to come across and transform influence and spread their love, examples, and motivation with the world. 


Join Me, one meal at a time  in this marvelous journey, achieve your goals, be motivated with your changes. Follow me on Instagram 💪