Sephora’s Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara

today     If you are in the Market for good mascara that will lengthen, curl and give your lashes lots of fullness and who isn’t looking these days? Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara from Sephora claims to “deliver pumped-up, glamorous lashes”.

     I decided to go ahead and try and I was hooked the first week that I used this product, it coats my lashes in one stroke and if I feel like going more dramatic I can add 2-3 coats of the mascara without the danger of getting all the lashes stuck together making them look like little “spiders”. today

     I am also a firm believer that you shouldn’t need an ax to take off your mascara and the Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume Mascara comes off easily with water and a little makeup remover. The lesser cost is remarkable and the high quality which is comparable to some of the high end mascaras.


     Would love to include in my make-up KIT in the near future.


Fabulous New Eyeliner looks continue to show up on the Red Carpet!

More and more Red Carpet Glam being seen with new ways to wear your eyeliner, from the classic looks to the more fresh, innovative and imaginative we do not just see your classic black liner. Abi-truck-50s-02-26 12.06.01While some of the known Stars have chosen to do the more classic retro makeup others have opted for a more original look and show their style.

What is your favorite? Leave comments below or tag a picture of yourself

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